David Cornsweet, James Gunn Casts Rachel Brosnahan and David Corenswet as Clark Kent in Superman Legacy

The superhero world is buzzing with big news! James Gunn just dropped a bombshell – he’s tapped rising stars David Corenswet and Rachel Brosnahan to play the iconic duo Clark Kent and Lois Lane in the upcoming flick “Superman: Legacy.”

This bold casting move has fans losing their minds. Corenswet, a Philly native with serious acting chops, is stepping into the cape and tights as the Man of Steel himself. And Mrs. Maisel herself, Brosnahan, will be bringing her trademark wit and grit to the role of the feisty reporter Lane.

Buckle up, folks! With this fresh-faced pair at the helm, Gunn’s bound to shake things up and serve a Superman story like we’ve never seen before.

Early Beginnings

Hailing from Philly, David Corenswet was born into a family of lawyers, but the stage called to him from an early age. His dad’s background as a New York City actor planted the seed, and David blossomed into a full-blown theater kid.

Even as a youngster, he was no stranger to the bright lights, nabbing roles in heavy-hitting productions like Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons” and a stint at the Philadelphia Shakespeare Festival’s “Macbeth.”

After honing his craft at the prestigious Juilliard School, he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2016, armed and ready to take Hollywood by storm.

Hollywood Ascent

David’s innovative spirit shone through in his early days, creating and starring in the hilarious web series “Moe & Jerryweather” from 2014 to 2018.

But it was his breakout role in Netflix’s “The Politician” in 2019 that really put him on the map. As River Barkley, he held his own alongside an A-list cast, proving he was a talent to be reckoned with.

His star continued to rise with the Netflix miniseries “Hollywood” in 2020, where he not only acted but also flexed his producer muscles as an executive producer.

Critics took notice, and the accolades started rolling in, solidifying David as one of Hollywood’s most promising rising stars.

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Stepping into Superman

Stepping into Superman

For any actor, landing the role of Superman is a career-defining moment. But for David, it’s a dream come true on a whole other level.

In interviews, he’s been open about his deep admiration for the iconic superhero, drawn to the complex human emotions and ethical dilemmas that come with being invincible.

David’s approach to Clark Kent/Superman is all about peeling back the layers and exploring the nuanced struggles of a being who can’t be harmed physically but faces immense moral and emotional challenges.

With his knack for diving deep into a character’s psyche, David is the perfect fit to bring a fresh, multi-dimensional take to the Man of Steel.

Personal Reflections

Off-screen, David is a self-professed “Star Wars” nerd who’s always been captivated by fantasy and adventure narratives.

It’s this personal connection to fictional worlds and character exploration that fueled his passion for acting from the get-go.

In interviews, he often reflects on how these imaginative stories have shaped his creativity and drive, making his role as Superman not just a career milestone, but a personal fulfillment of his lifelong fascination with heroic narratives.

Future Prospects

As the new face of the DC Universe, all eyes are on David Corenswet as he dons the iconic cape and boots.

With “Superman: Legacy” set to redefine the franchise, the pressure is on, but David’s background in both drama and production has prepared him for this high-profile role.

From the stages of Philadelphia to the bright lights of Hollywood, his journey has been a masterclass in dedication and versatility.

If his past performances are any indication, David’s portrayal of Superman is poised to set a new standard for superhero depictions on the big screen, breathing new life into the legendary comic book character.

A New Era for Superman

With James Gunn at the helm, “Superman: Legacy” promises to usher in a fresh take on the beloved comic book hero. And David Corenswet’s casting as the Man of Steel is a bold move that could redefine the character for a new generation.

Gunn, known for his unique vision and ability to breathe new life into iconic franchises, has a knack for subverting expectations while staying true to the essence of beloved characters. His approach to Superman is expected to be no different, and Corenswet’s talent and perspective could be the perfect complement to Gunn’s creative direction.

Corenswet’s Approach to the Role

Corenswet's Approach to the Role

In interviews, Corenswet has emphasized his desire to explore the human side of Superman, delving into the emotional and moral complexities that come with possessing god-like abilities. He’s expressed interest in examining the character’s struggles with identity, responsibility, and the weight of being a symbol of hope for humanity.

This nuanced approach could resonate with modern audiences, who often seek deeper character explorations and more relatable heroes. By grounding Superman in his humanity, Corenswet and Gunn have the opportunity to make the character more accessible and relevant to contemporary viewers.

Brosnahan’s Lois Lane

While Corenswet’s casting has garnered significant attention, the addition of Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane is equally exciting. Brosnahan, fresh off her critically acclaimed performance in “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” brings a wealth of talent and charisma to the role.

Lois Lane has long been a beloved character in the Superman mythos, serving as a strong, intelligent, and independent foil to the Man of Steel. Brosnahan’s proven ability to portray complex, multi-layered characters could breathe new life into the iconic relationship between Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

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Building the DC Universe

“Superman: Legacy” is more than just another superhero movie; it’s a cornerstone in James Gunn’s ambitious plans to reshape the DC Universe. With Corenswet and Brosnahan at the forefront, this film has the potential to set the tone and direction for future projects within the shared universe.

Gunn’s vision for a more cohesive and interconnected DC Universe has generated excitement among fans, and the casting choices for “Superman: Legacy” could be a sign of the bold, fresh approach he intends to take.

Fan Reactions and Expectations

As with any major casting decision, the choices of Corenswet and Brosnahan have sparked a range of reactions from fans. Some have embraced the fresh faces, excited for a new interpretation of these iconic characters, while others have expressed skepticism or reservations.

Regardless of the initial reactions, the true test will come when audiences witness Corenswet and Brosnahan’s performances on the big screen. Their ability to embody the essence of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, while adding their own unique perspectives, will ultimately determine the success of this new era for Superman.

With a talented director, a promising cast, and the weight of a beloved franchise on their shoulders, “Superman: Legacy” has the potential to soar or stumble. But one thing is certain: Corenswet and Brosnahan are about to embark on a journey that could cement their places in comic book movie history.


Who will be the next Superman? 

David Corenswet will play the next Superman.

Will Superman: Legacy be based on All Star Superman? 

No details have been shared about the plot yet.

Who is the actor David Cornsweet? 

David Corenswet is a rising actor from Philadelphia.

Who is the new Lois Lane? 

Rachel Brosnahan has been cast as Lois Lane.

Who plays Superman in 2024? 

David Corenswet will portray Superman in 2024.

Final Words

It’s a dream come true for Philly kid David Corenswet! The rising star has been handpicked by James Gunn to play the iconic Superman in the upcoming flick “Superman: Legacy.”

From theater roots to breakout roles like “The Politician,” Corenswet’s journey has been one for the books. And now, he’s ready to soar as the Man of Steel, bringing a fresh take that dives into Superman’s complex humanity.

Joining him is Rachel Brosnahan, stealing the show as the fierce Lois Lane. With this dynamic duo leading the charge, Gunn’s new DC era is set to be a game-changer.

Buckle up, folks! “Superman: Legacy” is about to take the superhero world by storm with Corenswet and Brosnahan at the helm.

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