Korina Harrison (Ex-Wife of Corey Harrison) Bio, Age, Height, Education Background, Marriage, Ex-Husband, Son, Career, Net-Worth, Social Media

Remember that quirky, gorgeous gal who was married to Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison from Pawn Stars? Yep, that was Korina Harrison!

While their marriage was shortlived, her backstory remains fascinating. From her humble San Diego roots to becoming an insta-celeb by wedding into reality TV royalty, Korina’s life took an unexpected turn.

These days, she maintains a low-profile existence – doting on her son, leaving fans wondering about her net worth, dating life, and whether she’ll ever resurface in the spotlight. Buckle up as we dive into the whirlwind world of Miss Harrison, ex-wife extraordinaire!

Korina Harrison Biography And Wiki 

Pop quiz: who was the ex-wife of that larger-than-life character from Pawn Stars? Yep, you guessed it – Korina Harrison.

While her stint as Mrs. “Big Hoss” was brief, it sure made waves in the Reality TV show universe.

This San Diego native hit the spotlight when she tied the knot with Corey Harrison back in 2017.

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Korina Harrison Age 

Born on December 7, 1982, Korina is currently 41 years young.

For those keeping count, she was a fresh-faced 34-year-old when she said “I do” to her Pawn Stars beau.

Korina Harrison Height

She may not tower over the crowds, but at 5 feet 6 inches, this bombshell packs a punch when it comes to personality and charisma.

Education Background 

The deets on Korina’s academic journey remain tightly under wraps.

One thing’s for sure – she didn’t need a fancy degree to capture the heart of one of TV’s most eligible bachelors!

Korina Harrison Marriage 

Korina Harrison Marriage 
Korina Harrison Marriage 

This romance was a whirlwind from start to finish. Korina and Corey said their “I dos” in 2017, only to bid adieu to married life a year later.

Their divorce was finalized in September 2018, marking the end of their marital chapter.

While the relationship fizzled, at least we got a glimpse into the personal life of the Harrison fam.

Korina Harrison Ex Husband

Speaking of the Harrison clan, let’s talk about Korina’s former hubby – Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison.

This charismatic guy is one of the main draws on History Channel’s hit show Pawn Stars.

Giving viewers an insider’s perspective into the renowned Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, and the family dynamics behind it.

Korina Harrison Son 

Just when you thought this story couldn’t get more intriguing, enter baby Richard Benjamin Harrison!

In October 2018, amidst the divorce proceedings, Korina and Corey welcomed their son into the world.

Talk about keeping things amicable for the sake of the little one.



Before becoming known as Corey’s Mrs., Korina was making her own way as an executive assistant in Las Vegas.

Not much is known about her professional pursuits post-divorce, as she’s chosen to keep that chapter under wraps.

Perhaps she’s building an empire from behind the scenes? A girl’s gotta have some secrets!

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Korina Harrison Net Worth 

All those Pawn Stars residuals, combined with her earnings as an executive assistant?

Sources estimate Korina’s current net worth to be a cool half-million dollars – not too shabby!

Social Media 

For a gal who prefers to stay out of the public eye these days, Korina’s Instagram is a bit of an enigma.

The profile’s on lockdown, leaving fans craving just a peek into her life post-divorce and motherhood.

C’mon Korina, throw us a bone! The people want to see more of that million-dollar smile.

Keeping It Real 

At the end of the day, Korina’s brevity in the spotlight is precisely what makes her so intriguing.

She swooped in, captured our hearts (and Corey’s!), and just like that – poof! – she was gone, living that low-key life.

But for a moment there, we got to be flies on the wall, observing the relationship between business operations and family dynamics.

An insider’s view we’ll never forget.

The Road Ahead 

While Korina’s days of reality stardom are likely behind her, who knows what the future holds?

The best stories are often the ones that surprise us.

And if there’s one thing this firecracker has shown us, it’s that she’s full of surprises. I, for one, can’t wait to see what plot twist life has in store for our gal next!

Korina Harrison Early Life and Upbringing 

Korina Harrison Early Life
Korina Harrison Early Life

While Korina’s education background remains a mystery, we do know she hails from the sunny city of San Diego, California.

As a SoCal native, one can only imagine the laid-back, beach-loving childhood that shaped her effortlessly cool demeanor.

Perhaps those easy breezy vibes are what initially caught Corey’s eye?

The Courtship Chronicles 

Sadly, the intimate details of how this dynamic duo first met and hit it off have been kept under lock and key.

Did they cross paths at a trendy Vegas hotspot? Was it a charismatic used car deal gone wonderfully wrong?

The world may never know, but we can’t help but envision their courtship unfolding like a scene from a romantic comedy.

Korina Harrison Adjusting to Fame 

One day, Korina was a regular gal living her best life. The next, she was thrust into the bright lights of reality TV stardom.

Can you imagine the whiplash of suddenly having your personal life on display for all to see and scrutinize?

Korina seemed to take it all in stride, likely leaning on her easygoing nature to navigate this newfound celebrity.

Charitable Pursuits 

Although Korina tends to stay out of the spotlight these days, whispers suggest she has a heart for giving back.

From supporting children’s causes to advocating for animal welfare, her philanthropic efforts apparently know no bounds.

It’s just one more endearing quality that makes this woman a true gem – looks AND a kind soul? We stan.

The Great Outdoors 

The Great Outdoors 

When she’s not busy being a doting mother, rumor has it that Korina is an avid nature lover.

From invigorating hikes to serene camping trips, disconnecting from the hustle and reconnecting with Mother Nature seems to be her go-to retreat.

Hey, maybe the outdoor adventures are how she snags such an enviable sun-kissed glow? A lady never tells!

The Bright Side 

Despite the fleeting romance and media frenzy surrounding her marriage, Korina appears to be taking it all in stride these days.

She’s stayed relatively mum on the subject, choosing to pour her energy into more positive pursuits.

Frankly, her mature approach to privacy and personal boundaries is incredibly respectable in this oversharing age. You go, girl!

Korina Harrison Family Ties 

While Korina may have left the Harrison clan through divorce, her connection to the family remains intact through her son, Richard Benjamin.

As he grows older, one can’t help but wonder if he’ll follow in his father’s footsteps and join the family business at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

Only time will tell, but you can bet Korina will be a guiding force in ensuring he charts his own path, whatever that may be.

Life After Reality TV 

For someone who had a brief but brilliant stint on reality television, Korina has done an impressive job at maintaining a low-profile existence post-divorce.

No tell-all interviews, no sordid social media rants – just a woman living her life on her own terms, away from prying eyes.

It makes you wonder what kind of adventures and pursuits she’s undertaken in this new chapter? The curiosity is killing us!

The Reunion Rumor Mill 

Every now and then, whispers of a Korina and Corey reunion start making the rounds, much to the delight of hopeless romantics everywhere.

Could this once red-hot couple be giving their love another go behind closed doors? Or are these just wistful rumors spun by fans yearning for a fairytale ending?

If a reconciliation is indeed in the works, these two are keeping that flame well-hidden. For now, it remains an intriguing “what if?”

The Sisterhood of Reality TV Exes

While not much is known about Korina’s inner circle these days, we’d love to imagine she’s part of a low-key sisterhood of reality TV exes.

Just a group of badass women who’ve walked that unique road, swapping war stories and offering support over boozy brunches.

Can’t you just picture them dishing out candid advice and hard-earned wisdom with been-there-done-that gusto? Now that’s a reality show we’d binge!

The Social Media Sphinx 

The Social Media Sphinx 

In this era of chronic oversharing, Korina’s approach to social media remains an enigma, wrapped in a mystery.

Her Instagram follows are essentially kept on a need-to-know basis, offering only crumbs of her life to those granted access beyond the velvet ropes.

While some may view this as an opportunity missed for building her brand, there’s something Rather refreshing about her stance on preserving privacy.

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The Harper Valley Hypocrisy

For someone so fiercely guarded about personal matters, Korina has certainly had her fair share of salacious rumors and blind gossip items written about her.

From allegations of infidelity to whispers of shady business dealings, she’s been subjected to more than her share of small-town snark and shadiness.

Through it all, she’s kept her composure and her silence – a true classy act that lets her character speak louder than ANY rumor-monger’s words.

Whether you’re a fan or a casual observer, one thing’s certain – Korina Harrison is a fascinatingly multifaceted woman who’s more than just her famous ex’s former spouse. Here’s hoping we get an even deeper peek into her world one day!


Who is Corey Harrison’s wife from Pawn Stars? 

Corey Harrison’s ex-wife is Korina Harrison. They married in 2017 but divorced in 2018.

Is Corey Harrison Adam Harrison?

No, Corey Harrison and Adam Harrison are not the same person. Corey is one of the main cast members of Pawn Stars.

Who is Rick Harrison’s ex wife? 

Rick Harrison’s ex-wife is Tracy Harrison. They were married from 1986 to 2011.

When did Corey Harrison get married? 

Corey Harrison married Korina Harrison in 2017. Their marriage was short-lived as they divorced in September 2018.

Final Words

Korina Harrison shot to fame when she married Pawn Stars’ Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison in 2017. Despite their whirlwind romance ending a year later, she kept her million-dollar smile on.

This 41-year-old San Diego native is now a doting mom to son Richard Benjamin and living that low-key life away from the cameras. While she prefers privacy these days, fans still crave deets on her rumored $500K net worth, potential new love interests, and whether she’ll reunite with her famous ex.

One thing’s for sure – this outdoorsy, philanthropic firecracker’s story isn’t over yet! Korina’s next chapter may just surprise us all.

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