Tony Evans New Wife Age: How Old Is Carla Crummie

Curious about Tony Evans’ new chapter? Let’s talk about his recent marriage to Carla Crummie. Tony, a well-known Christian leader, tied the knot with Carla in a private Dallas ceremony. But how old is his new wife?

Carla Crummie was born on August 13, 1970, making her 53 years old. She’s not just Tony’s wife, though. Carla’s a respected therapist and counselor with a strong background in Christian ministry.

Their union has got people talking. Why? Because it’s more than just a love story. It’s about two people finding happiness after loss and potentially changing the face of Christian ministry together.

A New Chapter in Tony Evans’ Life

Tony Evans, at 74, announced his engagement to Carla Crummie during his birthday celebration in September 2023. The couple later exchanged vows in a private Dallas ceremony, surrounded by close family and friends. This intimate affair reflected their desire for privacy during such a significant personal milestone.

Carla brings a wealth of experience to their partnership. Her background in Christian counseling adds depth to their shared ministry. As a respected therapist and counselor, Carla holds certifications from The Urban Alternative and is a John Maxwell Certified Life Coach. Her dedication to kindness advocacy sets her apart in her field.

What Led to Tony Evans’ Remarriage?

The path to Tony and Carla’s union was paved with shared experiences of loss and healing. Tony’s first wife, Lois Evans, passed away in December 2019 after battling biliary cancer. 

Their marriage had been blessed with four children. Similarly, Carla faced her own heartbreak when her husband, Dr. Robert W. Crummie, died in January 2020. She has two children from this previous marriage.

These parallel journeys of grief likely created a strong foundation of understanding between Tony and Carla. Their shared faith and experiences of loss fostered a unique bond, ultimately leading them to find love and companionship in each other. Their story is a testament to the power of faith, resilience, and the human capacity for healing.

How Will Their Marriage Affect Their Professional Lives?

The union of Tony Evans and Carla Crummie represents more than just a personal milestone. It’s a merging of two individuals with extensive backgrounds in spiritual leadership and counseling. This combination promises to enhance their ability to minister to others and potentially expand their reach in the Christian community.

Tony Evans, as the founding and senior pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas, Texas, has already made a significant impact on his congregation and beyond. His teachings and books focus on empowering individuals and reforming communities through God’s word. 

Carla’s expertise in counseling could complement Tony’s work, potentially leading to new programs or initiatives aimed at facilitating emotional healing and spiritual growth.

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The Importance of Experience in Ministry

Both Tony and Carla bring years of experience to their shared ministry. Tony’s decades of pastoral work and Carla’s background in Christian counseling create a powerful synergy. Their combined experiences allow them to address a wide range of spiritual and emotional needs within their community.

Their personal experiences with loss and healing also add authenticity to their ministry. They can relate on a deeper level with those going through similar struggles, offering not just sympathy, but genuine empathy and practical guidance.

Expanding Their Reach and Impact

The marriage of Tony Evans and Carla Crummie could potentially lead to an expansion of their ministry’s scope. Their combined expertise might result in new counseling programs, workshops, or seminars that blend spiritual teachings with practical life skills and emotional support.

Their union might also inspire new books or teaching series that draw on their shared wisdom and experiences. This could help them reach a broader audience and make a more significant impact in the Christian community and beyond.

Balancing Personal Life and Public Ministry

As public figures in the Christian community, Tony and Carla will likely face the challenge of balancing their personal life with their public roles. Their decision to have a private wedding ceremony demonstrates their desire to maintain some level of privacy amidst their public ministries.

This balance will be crucial as they navigate their new life together while continuing to serve their community. Their approach to this challenge could serve as an example for others in similar positions of spiritual leadership.

The Power of Second Chances

The Power of Second Chances

Tony and Carla’s story is a powerful testament to second chances and the enduring nature of love and faith. Their marriage after experiencing such profound losses sends a message of hope to those who may be struggling with grief or loneliness.

Their union demonstrates that it’s possible to honor past relationships while embracing new beginnings. This message of hope and renewal aligns perfectly with the Christian principles they both champion in their respective works.

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Looking to the Future

As Tony Evans and Carla Crummie embark on this new chapter of their lives, the Christian community watches with interest and support. Their marriage has the potential to not only enrich their personal lives but also to enhance their ministry and impact.

The combination of Tony’s powerful teachings and Carla’s expertise in counseling could lead to innovative approaches in Christian ministry. As they work together, they may develop new ways to address the complex spiritual and emotional needs of their community.


Who is Carla Crummie? 

Carla Crummie is Tony Evans’ new wife. She’s 53 years old and a Christian counselor. Carla has certifications from The Urban Alternative and is a John Maxwell Certified Life Coach.

When did Tony Evans remarry? 

Tony Evans remarried in 2023. He announced his engagement during his 74th birthday celebration in September 2023. The exact wedding date wasn’t made public, but it took place in a private ceremony in Dallas.

Who was Tony Evans’ first wife? 

Tony Evans’ first wife was Lois Evans. She passed away in December 2019 after battling biliary cancer. Tony and Lois had been married for many years and had four children together.

Who is Carla Evans? 

Carla Evans is the same person as Carla Crummie. She took Tony Evans’ last name after their marriage. Carla is a therapist and counselor with a background in Christian ministry. She was previously married to Dr. Robert W. Crummie, who passed away in January 2020.

Final Words

Tony Evans, at 74, found love again with 53-year-old Carla Crummie. They married in a private Dallas ceremony after both experienced the loss of their previous spouses.

Carla brings her expertise as a Christian counselor to their partnership. Together, they’re blending their experiences in ministry and healing.

Their marriage isn’t just personal – it could reshape their professional lives too. With Tony’s teaching and Carla’s counseling skills, they might create new ways to help their community.

Their story shows it’s possible to find happiness after loss. As they start this new chapter, many are excited to see how their union will impact their ministry and inspire others.

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